Why Staffing Synergies?

Staffing Synergies is the staffing, support services and human resources management supplier to corporations with significant requirements. We collaborate to create white collar solutions to blue collar problems at competitive prices.

Staffing Synergies is a staffing firm with an emphasis on manufacturing, co-packing and light industrial companies. We believe in long-term integrated partnerships with our strategic relationships.

Generally, our fees are 15% less than market standards. Our competitive pricing platform offers our strategic partners aggressive terms due to our efficiencies from appointment size, staffing ratios, operational experience and limited overhead. We collaborate with our clients to minimize the impact of the Affordable Care Act.

Synergy is defined as the interaction of two or more united entities that have a greater effect collectively than they do individually. We believe that our synergy will define a partnership that is greater than our impact individually. We provide superb services. Rather than being all things to all people, we work with our partner corporations and companies to provide creative solutions to their creative problems. Staffing Synergies: “Our team helping your team.”